Alternative Medicines for Back and Neck Pain

Neural Therapy for Back and Neck Pain

Neural therapy may bring relief to people with long-term back and neck pain. The treatment involves injecting local anesthetics (including procaine, novocaine, or lidocaine) into specific sites on the body, such as particular nerves, acupuncture points, and even scar tissue. These injections are thought to unblock or stabilize the flow of electrical energy through the body.

Patients of neural therapy have reported pain reduction or even complete pain remission. Some detective work is required to find the appropriate injection site. For example, a scar on the leg may be causing an energy interference that produces pain in the lower back. Various health care practitioners -- including some naturopathic, osteopathic, and conventional doctors -- are trained in neural therapy. Seek out a therapist with experience in this technique.

Other Back and Neck Pain Therapies

  • Ayurvedic Medicine for Back and Neck Pain -- Treatment can include meditation, herbal therapy, and massages with warm oil.
  • Biofeedback Training for Back and Neck Pain -- Electromyographic biofeedback and relaxation exercises can lead to pain reduction.
  • Guided Imagery and Creative Visualization for Back and Neck Pain -- Exercises may help people relieve pain and ease muscle tension.
  • Herbal Medicine for Back and Neck Pain -- White willow bark, cayenne, burdock, cramp bark, and chamomile can be used to relieve pain. Hypericum can be applied topically in lotion or oil form for sharp nerve pain.
  • Homeopathy for Back and Neck Pain -- Common remedies include arnica montana, calcarea fluorica, ruta graveolens, and rhus toxicodendron.
  • Hydrotherapy for Back and Neck Pain -- Alternating hot and cold compresses (ending with cold) and exercises performed in a pool of water can be helpful.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine for Back and Neck Pain -- Acupuncture is particularly recommended for treating back and neck pain. Herbal therapy, relaxation techniques, and Tai Chi exercises are also useful.

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