Alternative Treatments for Diabetes

While alternative treatments to diabetes might sound risky or reckless, they can be part of a successful treatment plan. Of course, with a disease as serious and complex as diabetes, no treatment option should be perused without first consulting with your doctor. That being said, there are a number simple home remedies and time-tested herbal remedies that you and your doctor might agree should become a part of your diabetes treatment plan.

In actuality, our "alternative" treatments are not far-out witchcraft, but rather practical solutions to hurdling some of your diabetes problems in the comfort of your home with safe, natural cures. To learn about some approaches to treating diabetes that are a little outside of regular medicine, explore the links below:


Home Remedies for Diabetes

Because so much of diabetes revolves around diet and blood sugar, many of our home remedies offer advice on what foods you should be eating. For instance, in this article you will learn the best sack for getting over hypoglycemia.

Herbal Remedies for Diabetes

There are a number of herbs that can help regulate blood sugar, but chief among them is the desert staple, bilberry. Learn how this herb and others can be used to treat diabetes.


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