Homeopathy for Anxiety and Depression

Dr. Lauren Feder, physician and homeopath in private practice, Beverly Hills, California on the use of homeopathy as an alternative treatment for anxiety and depression:

This is where homeopathy, I feel, can shine, because nowadays, a lot of people are talking about the herb St. John's wort, or the medicine Prozac, Zoloft, other anti-depressants. And in homeopathy, there are so many different types of remedies for depression, because there's so many different types of depression. And we don't take that into account in regular medicine.


Let's say somebody's depressed because they've had a recent loss. Let's say somebody has, is depressed because that's their nature, or they've had a head injury, or it's because of hormones, or their period, or menopause — all that should be taken into account. And as a homeopath, I have the ability to find and pinpoint how each person differs.

So, for example, I had a patient who experienced some depression after a very difficult birth. And I felt now, two and a half years after the event, that it was still with her — that trauma. And so I gave her one remedy of a very, very high potency to help flush that out.


And what was the remedy?

The remedy is a plant called Aconitum Napellus. It's in the plant series and used when there's a feeling of actual panic, being very fearful and frightened, as if you're going to die. And that's how she felt during that particular delivery. And her child reflects it as well. That particular daughter is very strong-willed and feisty. And they were both given that remedy, and I feel that things have definitely evened out since then.

So in that respect, I want to know what's going on, and I use a remedy to address what's going on very different levels. I don't claim to take the place or replace being a therapist. A lot of patients who need therapists or go to therapists still continue with us simultaneously.