Homeopathy for Headaches

Dr. Lauren Feder, physician and homeopath in private practice, Beverly Hills, California on the use of homeopathy as an alternative treatment for headaches:

Say five people come in with complaints of headaches. And even worse, let's say they come in with a diagnosis of migraines and they want to try something homeopathically. They'll all leave my office with a different remedy, because the way I treat people is on a holistic level. And that means that initially I want to find out, when you say you have migraines, what do you mean? Because for some people it's related to their period, (for) some women and for some people it's related to stress, and for some people it's related to food. And for some people it's on the right and some the back of the neck — I want to know all that.


I want to know what a migraine means to you, how do you suffer with it. Then I want to know who is this person? Are you type-A, aggressive person? Or are you more shy and really don't want to leave the house? Or have you had problems since you had a baby? I want to know about that, and with all that information it can be up to a two hour visit with an adult.

In traditional medicine, you and your doctor may have to experiment with medications to maximize effectiveness and minimize side effects.

Is that process somewhat similar with the homeopathic remedy? Does it take a little while to find the right one?

No. We don't use the term "side effects" because there are no side effects to a homeopathic remedy. The homeopathic remedy can cause what we call an aggravation, also known as a healing crisis, meaning that if the headache that you're suffering from has bothered you for many years, it could come after taking a remedy. Not only that, it would come in a shorter period of time. This is the body's way that it starts to heal itself and things from the past can come out, too, and announce themselves.