Homeopathy for Sexual Dysfunction

Dr. Lauren Feder, physician and homeopath in private practice, Beverly Hills, California on the use of homeopathy as an alternative treatment for sexual dysfunction:

I see a lot of women that have had babies, and a lot of women who are nursing, or have a lot of children and don't have a strong sex drive. And when we give a remedy, called sepia, it's one of the remedies they use, but there's again, a lot of remedies. This woman is tired. She is yelling, she is screaming, she wants to get away from it all. You know, she's tired of cooking, etc. and the last thing she wants to do is sleep with her husband.

What I find is that if sepia is given, people start to feel better about themselves. They stop yelling as much, they're more patient, they have more energy, and low and behold, the libido comes up and their sex drive increases.

What is sepia?

Sepia is a remedy from the sea. It's the cuttlefish, and people have said that it actually looks like, it's kind of in the shape of the uterus. So it's more of what we call a female remedy.

While the cuttlefish is being threatened, it discharges an ink. It changes things. So, people that have benefited from sepia feel like getting away from it all. They have an aversion or real desire or relationship with the ocean or salt.

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