Magnet Therapy: Lifting the Burden of Diabetic Pain

Is Magnet Therapy for Me?

Q: What are the risks or side effects of magnet therapy?

A: There are no known risks, but the use of magnets during pregnancy or while wearing a pacemaker may be problematic. Likewise, as a precaution we exclude individuals from magnet therapy if their spouses have a mechanical device or pump so as to guard against inadvertent contact, etc.

Q: How do I know if I am a candidate for magnet therapy?

A: Many people seem to end up trying magnet therapy as a result of other unsuccessful experiences with conventional treatments for pain. Since there don't seem to be any side effects associated with using magnets, just about anyone can try them.

Q: Will my doctor believe this is a legitimate treatment for my pain?

A: The therapy is still considered experimental by mainstream medicine, but this is also a very exciting period and we hope to have the first definitive trial of permanent magnetic devices completed shortly.

If this is positive, it will represent a paradigm shift in the treatment and management of diabetic neuropathy and will open up the door for future trials to see if it can prevent the emergence of foot ulcers, which produce 100,000 amputations per year, and also see if wearing these devices prophylactically can prevent the emergence of diabetic neuropathy.

Q: How much does magnet therapy cost? Will my insurance pay for it?

A: Insurance does not pay for these devices, which are available commercially and vary in prices, quality, etc. Therapeutic magnets, depending on what they're used for, can run anywhere from $25 for small ones to hundreds of dollars for magnet-filled mattress pads and other products. If you want to spend money on these products, know that all magnets are not created equal and you should carefully consider them before making a purchase!

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