Progesteron Creams

Progesterone Benefits

Progesterone cream is said to create a balance where there might be a hormonal domination of estrogen. A balance between hormones is a key to better health. Some positive effects of such a balance are said to include defense against breast cancer, defense against endometrial cancer, an increase in sexual urges, an increase in bone health, stabilized blood sugar levels and a natural guard against depression [source: Mercola]. The cream is said to bring relief for PMS symptoms, endometriosis and menopause [source: Whole Health MD].

According to proponents of progesterone cream, in order for these benefits even to be a possibility, the progesterone cream user has to adopt a different lifestyle. It is said that if the cream is to be effective, the person using it must regulate her diet, sleep schedule and stress levels. Also, it may do some good for the patient to get an adrenal gland check up, since the gland is also known to produce progesterone [source: Health News Journal].

Ultimately, though, progesterone cream has not been through comprehensive, long-term studies like progesterone pills have, so you shouldn't rely on the purported benefits as certain outcomes.

It's not all balanced hormones and better bone health -- continue reading to learn about the potential side effects from progesterone creams.