Progesteron Creams

Progesterone Side Effects

One of the main reasons progesterone cream was created is because women wanted an alternative to hormone replacement therapy. Many women found that taking progesterone pills caused too many side effects and interacted with other medications. Progesterone cream may allow you to reap the benefits without the side effects, but as mentioned previously, there is a lack of scientific and medical studies to back the product and these claims. Therefore, the cream isn't proven to be better than the synthetic pills [source: Better Health Channel].

One study found that progesterone cream didn't absorb well enough into the skin and therefore wasn't able to act in place of the woman's natural progesterone. Because of this, the conductors of the study said the cream couldn't defend the body against endometrial cancer [source: Better Health Channel]. Another researcher warns against too much progesterone cream because it creates excessive amounts of progesterone in the body. Too much progesterone over an extended period of time can affect the function of the adrenal glands [source: Mercola]. Remember, the goal is balance.

Progesterone is known for having a sedative-like quality. While this would be helpful for those having trouble sleeping, it's not ideal for women on the go.

As with trying any understudied product or dietary supplement, you should consult your physician before adding progesterone cream to your daily regimen. Also, pregnant or nursing women should take care to avoid progesterone.

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