Tribulus Terrestris Overview

Tribulus Terrestris Benefits

What kinds of benefits might come from a plant also known as puncture vine, you ask? Reportedly, extracts from various parts of the tribulus terrestris plant can be of great use to people who need help against infections, as evidenced in an Iraqi study. The study took extracts from the fruit, leaves and roots of tribulus terrestris plants and applied them to areas prone to bacteria and fungus. The best result from this study is the claim that tribulus terrestris plays a role in curing urinary tract infections [source: Al-Bavati and Al-Mola].

In addition to these restorative properties, some people believe tribulus terrestris can affect the body in many other ways. One of the alternate uses of tribulus terrestris is as a supplement to enhance sexual urges among both men and women. It may act as an aphrodisiac, in addition to helping men with impotence problems [source: Alternative Health Guide].

Other lesser-known benefits of the supplement make up quite a long list. For example, tribulus terrestris is said to be good for treating gonorrhea, kidney stones, high blood pressure, psoriasis and even some forms of cancer [source: Monson and Schoenstadt].

Though there are many suggestions as to what the plant might do, there have not been enough sound scientific and medical studies to prove anything definitively. What the medical community needs is a series of trustworthy studies before they can verify any benefits of using tribulus terrestris.

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