Traditional Chinese Medicine for Coughs, Colds, Flu, and Allergies

Traditional Chinese Fruity Instant Tea

This Traditional Chinese Fruity Instant Tea is sweet, making it a perfect cough remedy for children.

Chinese name: Lo Han Kuo Infusion, Luo Han Guo Chong Ji (law hahn gwaw chung jee)

Also known as: Momordica Fruit Instant Tea


Cough due to lung heat or lung dryness, perhaps accompanied by sticky or bloody phlegm


Clears lung heat, moistens the lungs, stops cough


Luo Han Guo ("smiling Buddha fruit") is the active ingredient in this instant tea. This exotic fruit is round with a brittle, egglike shell, which, when cracked open, reveals a clump of sweet seeds. The overall action of the fruit is nourishing and moistening, making it ideal for dryness in the lungs with an unproductive cough. This patent comes in the form of cubes that dissolve in water to make a pleasant-tasting tea. The formula's sweet taste makes it especially popular with children.

Manufacturer: Luo Han Guo Products Manufactory

Dosage: one cube dissolved in one cup of boiling water, two to three times a day

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