Traditional Chinese Medicine for Coughs, Colds, Flu, and Allergies

Traditional Chinese Minor Bupleurum Pills

Traditional Chinese Minor Bupleurum Pills have been found to stimulate the immune system, regulate the liver, treat digestive problems, relieve cold symptoms, and more.

Chinese name: Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan (show cheye hoo tahng wahn)

Also known as: Minor Bupleurum


Frequent colds and ear infections, colds with alternating fever and chills, malaria


Harmonizes the interior and exterior of the body, regulates the liver


This patent fits easily in a number of formula categories. In Japan, where herbal formulas from China have become exceptionally popular over the past 20 years, Minor Bupleurum is the formula most frequently prescribed by medical doctors. It is used to stimulate the immune system, to treat hepatitis, and to protect against the side effects of radiation therapy. It has antiallergy activities and is also used to treat prolonged flu and colds as well as chronic digestion problems.

Take the case of a man who had just returned from traveling in Indonesia. He was experiencing a headache and extreme weakness, with chills, fever, and sweats. From a Western diagnostic perspective, he was exhibiting all the classic signs of malaria; from the traditional Chinese point of view, he was experiencing a shao yang condition, a clear indicator for Minor Bupleurum. Since this was a serious illness, he was given the formula in the form of a decoction, three times a day.

After three days, his symptoms completely disappeared. About three months later, the symptoms appeared again in a very mild form. He took the patent remedy at a dosage of 16 pills, three times a day, and the symptoms subsided again. One year later, there had been no recurrence of the malaria. Manufacturer: Lanzhou Foci

Dosage: 8 pills, three times a day

In Chinese medicine, there is a specific treatment that targets coughs accompanied by yellow or green phlegm. Read on for a detailed description of this medicine.

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