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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Gynecologic Disorders

Traditional Chinese medicine treats gynecologic disorders like vaginal discharge and menstrual imbalances with Thousand Gold Piece Leukorrhea Pills, Free and Easy Wanderer Pills, and Heal Leukorrhea Pills.

Thousand Gold Piece Leukorrhea Pills

Chinese name: Chien Chin Chih Tai Wan (chyen chin chih tie wahn)


Leukorrhea (vaginal discharge)


Acts as an astringent, regulates qi, regulates blood, clears dampness


This patent formula treats vaginal discharges effectively, especially in cases in which the woman has a qi deficiency marked by an overall lack of energy and vitality. It can be used for vaginal discharges, such as Trichomonas or yeast infections, especially when the discharge is light-colored. The ingredients have multiple functions: They clear the pathogen, act as an astringent to the discharge, and relieve pain.

Manufacturer: Tianjin

Dosage: 10 pills, twice a day

Free and Easy Wanderer Pills

Chinese name: Xiao Yao Wan (shaow yaow wahn)


Liver qi stagnation, with irritability and menstrual imbalances


Moves stagnant liver qi; tonifies blood


This classic formula could have been placed in a number of categories: It is tonifying (strengthens digestion and builds blood) and harmonizing (relieves irritability and harmonizes energy flow), and it regulates the menstrual cycle. It is by far one of the most popular patent remedies used in North America.

Our high-stress lifestyle often leads to the disorder for which this formula is indicated: stagnation of qi in the liver. In traditional Chinese medicine, the liver governs the smooth flow of qi in the body and is important in regulating the menstrual cycle and emotional balance. If qi is stagnant, changes in the cycle and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome occur.

Xiao Yao Wan is especially useful in cases of menstrual irregularity and discomfort as well as premenstrual syndrome and its symptoms of moodiness, breast distention, and cramping. It is most effective when used for two or three months, with a one month break afterward, then another two to three months. It should be discontinued during menstrual bleeding.

The chief herb in the formula is Bupleurum root (chai hu), a very important plant in Chinese medicine. Bupleurum is well-known for its ability to stimulate the immune system, suppress flu viruses, and bring down fevers. It is also anti-inflammatory and has a tranquilizing effect. It is the chief herb for treating disorders of the liver, especially when stagnant qi leads to emotional irritability.

Manufacturer: Lanzhou Foci

Dosage: 8 to 10 pills, three times daily

Heal Leukorrhea Pills

Chinese name: Yu Dai Wan (yoo dye wahn)

Also known as: Heal Leukorrhea Pills


Leukorrhea (vaginal discharge) due to damp heat


Clears damp heat in the lower burner


Yu Dai Wan is another effective treatment for vaginal discharge. Unlike Chien Chin, which is appropriate for both heat and cold conditions, Yu Dai Wan is specific for discharges due to heat. The main indicator for a heat-type discharge is a yellow or dark color with a strong smell. This is considered a condition of damp heat: The discharge is a form of dampness, and the yellow color and strong smell are signs of heat. Therefore, the treatment principle is to drain the dampness and clear the heat.

This is accomplished through the cold, astringent action of the formula's chief herb, Ailanthus altissima (chun pi). The cold nature of the herb helps clear the heat, while its astringent action helps dry the discharge. In addition to nourishing herbs that assist the body's "cooling system" (yin), the formula also contains Phellodendron bark (huang bai), a powerful antibiotic herb that has shown great success in treating vaginitis and cervicitis from trichomonas infections.

Warning: Do not confuse this herb with philodendron, a common, poisonous houseplant.

Manufacturer: Lanzhou Foci

Dosage: 8 to 10 pills, three times a day

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