Traditional Chinese Medicine for Pain Relief

By: Bill Schoenbart & Ellen Shefi

Traditional Chinese Angelica Loranthus Pills

Traditional Chinese Angelica Loranthus Pills effectively relieve chronic pain and stiffness, making them a popular remedy for seniors and arthritis sufferers.

Chinese name: Du Huo Ji Sheng Wan (doo hwaw jee shuhng wahn)


Also known as: Angelica Loranthus Pills


Cold, damp type pain and stiffness in the low back and knees with underlying deficiency of qi and blood


Expels wind dampness, relieves pain, tonifies the liver and kidneys


This is another classic formula, first put into writing about 1,200 years ago. A very elegant and subtle formulation, it not only relieves pain, it also strengthens any underlying deficiencies that make one susceptible to injury. The specific indications for the formula are pain in the lower back and knees accompanied by general weakness, stiffness, and a desire for warmth, especially in the areas of pain. While especially appropriate for the elderly due to its tonifying and strengthening qualities, it is useful for anybody with arthritis, chronic low back pain, or sciatica.

The formula derives its name from two of the principal ingredients, du huo (Angelica pubescens) and sang ji sheng (Loranthus parasiticus). Du huo is specific for rheumatic pain that is sensitive to cold, especially if it occurs in the lower body. Its pharmaceutical actions are antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic (pain relieving).

Sang ji sheng has dual functions: It strengthens the liver and kidneys while subsequently nourishing the bones and tendons, and it relieves the pain of arthritis. As a "side effect," it lowers blood pressure and is useful in coronary heart disease. Other ingredients in the formula include the basic formulas to tonify both qi and blood, which assist the remedy in returning strength, vitality, and strong immune function, making it especially useful for long-term use by elderly or weakened patients.

Du Huo Ji Sheng Wan is a very popular formula, with a well-deserved reputation for bringing relief to chronic pain due to cold and dampness. Manufacturer: Min Kang Pharmaceutical Manufactory

Dosage: 6 pills, three times a day

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