Traditional Chinese Medicine for Pain Relief

By: Bill Schoenbart & Ellen Shefi

Traditional Chinese Burn Cream

Add Traditional Chinese Burn Cream to your first-aid kit for quick, effective relief of painful first- and second-degree burns.

Chinese name: Ching Wan Hung, Jing Wan Hong (ching wahn huhng)


Also known as: Capital Absolute Red


Burns of all kinds


Clears heat, relieves pain, promotes healing


Without a doubt, this miracle cream has a welcome place in any first-aid kit. Its ability to heal burns quickly is almost beyond belief. It can be applied to first and second degree burns as long as there is no infection. As soon as the ointment comes in contact with the skin, the pain begins to recede. In China, it is used for burns caused by hot water or steam, chemicals, radiation, and sunburn.

Apply the cream, then cover the burn with a dressing, which you should change daily. For simple first degree burns, no dressing is necessary. Be aware that this salve stains clothing.

Manufacturer: Tianjin

Traditional Chinese medicine has a specific formulation for broken bones and the pain associated with them. For details on this herbal medicine, go to the next section.

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