Traditional Chinese Medicine for Weight Loss

Ray Rubio, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and licensed acupuncturist, Los Angeles on the use of traditional Chinese medicine as an alternative treatment for weight loss:


How would Chinese medicine deal with a weight loss problem?

Acupuncture is quite effective for that, especially if the patient is willing to exercise and do the other things in conjunction with the acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. That's often the difference. And what I mean by that is, sometimes patients start exercising and they try managing their diet, and they're doing the best they can, and the weight just doesn't seem to come off. Or their appetite is just ravenous, and sometimes by adding the acupuncture and the herbs, it gives them that little bit of leverage so they can finally get on top of it.

You know, the problem is, not that exercise and diet won't help you lose weight, it's just that sometimes it's a very slow process, and most people after three months of exercising daily and watching their diet and only losing two pounds, they lose heart. So, acupuncture and herbs can speed up that process.


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