Herbal Therapy: Help for Hopeful Mothers

Benefits and Risks of Herbs

Q: Are there herbs that are NOT recommended during pregnancy?

A: Goldenseal can cause some cramping and irritation in the uterus. Herbal abortifacients, like pennyroyal, will actually cause miscarriage. Also avoid strong laxatives, which work by causing the colon to contract strongly.

Since the uterus is right next door, such medicines could irritate that muscle as well. In general, expecting mothers should not take any herbs without the supervision of their doctors.

Q: How reliable are herbal preparations?

A: It varies. Get a product you know is reliable - that either your physician, your pharmacist, or your other health-care provider has recommended - and take it as directed.

Q: Where can I find good herbal products and how much will they cost? Will insurance cover them?

A: You need to identify a local source of good herbal products. You can start with your neighborhood natural food store. More and more pharmacies are stocking herbal products these days, so I'd look there, too. Your herbalist or physician should also be able to make recommendations as well. Most herbs cost less than $100/month, but generally those costs are out of pocket.

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