10 Home Remedies for Body Odor


Watch What You Eat

Those peppers will leave a not-so-fresh scent behind.
Those peppers will leave a not-so-fresh scent behind.
Nicholas Ereleigh/Getty Images

Hot weather can make you sweat, but it isn't the only type of heat you need to watch out for. Hot foods like red peppers can make you moist, too. Some food experts speculate that the cuisines of warm weather countries rely heavily on hot seasonings for that very reason -- it's the natural air conditioning effect again. It makes people feel cooler when temperatures soar. Unless you're trying to survive a vacation in the Kalahari, cut back on your penchant for chipotle-laden burritos and pickled jalapenos. Your friends will thank you.

While you're reconsidering your choice of entre, you might want to ask the cook to hold the garlic and onions, too. The sulfur compounds in garlic and onions can make your sweat more aromatic than it would be otherwise, especially if you consume them in large quantities. The same goes for pungent spices.