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20 Home Remedies for Burping

Home Remedy Treatments for Burping

Because burping is the body's way of getting rid of swallowed air, you can cut down on unwanted and potentially embarrassing burps by cutting down on how much air you swallow. Here are some home remedies for doing so:

Stifle it. Sometimes, burping produces such an inordinate sense of relief that chronic burping will encourage themselves to burp many times. It's better not to do this. Repeated burping triggers more burping.


Don't smoke. Here is yet another reason to quit smoking. When you inhale smoke from cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, you swallow excessive amounts of air.

Watch what you put in your mouth. Chewing gum and sucking on hard candy or lollipops stimulate air swallowing, too.

Check your dentures. Am improper fit can cause you to swallow air -- and burp.

Mind your manners. Mom was right again when she told you not to talk with your mouth full. She wanted to teach you manners, but the fact is, eating with your mouth open makes you swallow air.

Eat slowly. People who gulp down food and beverages are swallowing excessive amounts of air. They're also crowding the stomach with too much to digest, which causes a gaseous buildup.

Relax. Anxiety and stress can cause you to swallow more often, which increases the amount of air taken in. When you feel stressed, force yourself to breathe slowly and deeply.

Don't catch cold. A cold brings on postnasal drip, and this annoying symptom will probably make you swallow much more frequently. So if you catch a cold bug, try to blow your nose often to keep your nasal passages as clear as possible. Better yet, try to protect yourself from exposure to cold viruses.

Limit bubbly beverages. Drinking carbonated beverages, including beer, creates air in the stomach that has to come out, one way or the other.

Go strawless. Drinking through a straw increases the amount of air you swallow.

Stay active. Don't lie down after you eat. Activity will force the burps out instead of letting them build up.

Keep a diary. Keep a diary, noting foods and beverages consumed, as well as specific incidents prior to the start of burping. You may discover that you are more burp-prone immediately after you eat certain foods, like dairy foods. (See Home Remedies for Lactose Intolerance for more information.)

Get a checkup. Although burping is not normally a symptom of an illness, some gastrointestinal disorders are accompanied by burping, including gallstones, hiatal hernia, ulcer, and gastritis. If you find yourself burping more than normal, it's a good idea to check with your doctor to rule out any serious medical conditions.

If you're simply burping to expel gas, you can look to your kitchen for relief. Read the next section to learn more home remedies for burping.

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