5 Teething Pain Remedies

Teething pain is no fun for babies (or parents).
Teething pain is no fun for babies (or parents).

It's the middle of the night when you're awakened by the familiar sound of your baby crying. You go through the routine of diaper changing, feeding, and cuddling. But there's something different about his cries and no amount of soothing seems to help. What could possibly be wrong? His gums were looking a little puffy the other day, he's been drooling and chewing on his fingers more than usual and he's had a bit of diarrhea, too. A visit to the pediatrician can confirm that it's teething time.

Some babies suffer slowly with each new tooth, while others have them appear seemingly overnight without any problems. Most fall somewhere in-between. All you want to do is make him feel better, but how? There's no one way to remedy teething pain, although everyone has their own personal tried-and-true methods. It's best to have something in mind before the teething starts (usually around six months) so you're not left scrambling. We've classified the different types of teething remedies into a few categories -- hopefully one will bring your baby relief. Let's start off by learning how the freezer can be your baby's friend.

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