5 Teething Pain Remedies

Chilled Chewies

When little gums are swollen and sore, sucking or chewing on something cold can help relieve the pain. Many parents give their babies a wet washcloth from the refrigerator or even one that's been in the freezer for a few minutes. Some teething rings are designed to go into the fridge to chill before use; sometimes a very cold wooden or plastic spoon does the trick, too.

There are some caveats to using chilled or frozen chewies to relieve teething pain. For one, they warm up quickly. Buy a few of your baby's preferred teething ring so you can always have a cold one at the ready. If you're using a washcloth, keep two, and be prepared for drips. Don't leave a washcloth in the freezer for very long; a stiff, crunchy one could be more painful than helpful. Make sure that you follow the instructions on teething rings, as most of them aren't meant to go into the freezer and will get too hard and cold. Keeping anything that's very cold on baby's gums for a long time can actually harm them.

If nonedible chilled chewies aren't the answer, you can always try food. Find out why some parents give their babies frozen bagels next.

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