5 Teething Pain Remedies

Natural Remedies

If you're hesitant about giving your baby medication, natural remedies could fit the bill. Just note that there's no research to show that most of these products work, and that "natural" doesn't mean risk-free.

Teething tablets, such as Hyland's, are dissolving pills containing herbs such as chamomilla (for irritability) and belladonna (to soothe inflammation). Some parents claim that their babies quickly calm down or fall asleep after taking them. Hyland's also makes a gel containing the same ingredients as its tablets. Orajel and some other companies have natural teething gels made with clove oil, long used as a home remedy for oral pain. You can also buy some of the main ingredients in natural remedies, such as clove oil or chamomilla, at natural foods stores.

Amber teething necklaces (for wearing, not chewing) are both popular and controversial. Advocates claim that they release a pain reliever called succinic acid when warmed by the baby's skin, although there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. If you do buy one for your baby, make sure he is supervised at all times and that the beads are individually knotted to reduce the risk of choking if the necklace breaks.

Like most parents, you'll probably find yourself using a mixture of different teething pain remedies. Just remember that teething is another difficult stage that will be over be replaced by something else!

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