5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Floss


Make It Fun

Make flossing into a storytelling event, dance party or an undercover math lesson! Here are some ways to keep kids focused on their flossing while having a great time:

  • Choose short, snappy songs to play during flossing time. Find a steady but slow beat (flossing back and forth too fast can damage gums) to help kids move their hands in time to the floss. In the beginning, you'll want them to get comfortable with the floss against their teeth and gums, but as kids get used to flossing, make sure they're using the proper technique.
  • Kids love a battle between good and evil. What better way to grab their attention than to make up an adventure story involving evil bacteria and the mighty power of floss. The best part about this story is they get to control the hero by, you guessed it, flossing!
  • Kids love to look in their mouths, so use that curiosity to your advantage. Help your children learn to count their teeth while flossing. Since little kids have 20 teeth in their mouths, flossing can help them learn to count up to what sounds like a huge number to them.