5 Explanations for Bleeding Gums


Periodontal Disease

Trust us; you don't want to start losing your teeth.
Trust us; you don't want to start losing your teeth.

Periodontal disease occurs when gingivitis is left untreated. While gingivitis is restricted to the gums, periodontal disease spreads into the tissue and bone that support the teeth [source: WebMD].

Instead of having gums that bleed from time to time, periodontal disease causes gum tissue to always be raw and have the appearance of pulling away from your teeth. You also may notice pus in between your teeth and around your gums.

Not surprisingly, finding yellow secretions in between your pearly whites is a bad sign, and at this point, you're running the risk of tooth loss or tooth death (where even a root canal can't save the tooth's foundation). If left untreated, periodontal disease can spread to the point where you could lose some -- or even all -- of your teeth.

To avoid this scenario, practice good oral hygiene, eat a balanced diet and don't smoke or chew tobacco. Even with proper daily dental care, using tobacco can put you at increased risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease [source: WebMD].