How to Soothe a Toothache

Toothache is not an uncommon ailment, but that does not lessen its pain. A toothache can be set off by inflammation inside the tooth caused by bacteria, as well as by a filling or a crown coming loose [source: Medline, Peterson]. We blame ourselves for not looking after our teeth better, as we experience the throbbing and extreme sensitivity in our teeth. Carry on reading to get some information about a few natural remedies for toothache that could help you relieve the pain until you can see a dentist.

  • Cloves Chew on a clove or two until you feel the juice in your mouth [source: world dental].
  • Clove oil Rubbing clove oil directly on the painful tooth should help ease the pain [source: Flood].
  • Salt water Gargling with a salt water solution can offer relief. Make a solution of salt and warm water. Take a mouthful of the solution into your mouth. You can either work it energetically to all parts of your mouth, or if that's too painful, just hold the solution in your mouth for a short while, before spitting it out. This can be done several times to keep the pain at bay [source: Taylor].
  • Garlic Place a clove of garlic on the painful tooth, together with some rock salt. This should help relieve the pain [source: world dental].
  • Tea bag Holding a hot, wet tea bag against the tooth should lower the pain level straight away.
  • Ice Holding an ice cube against the painful tooth may help numb the tooth and ease the pain [source: world dental].