5 Things to Know About Home Teeth Whitening

Can you really go this white at home?
Can you really go this white at home?

The physical effects of aging are no fun. Bones start to creak, the back starts to ache and tired feet become a fact of life. This is because the very act of living takes its toll, little by little. The same thing happens to your teeth. As you age, years of eating and drinking, and for some people smoking, will eventually begin to stain your teeth. Some people's teeth are a bit more prone to staining than others, and of course, your level of personal and professional care plays a part as well.

To combat the effects of aging, there are all kinds of do-it-yourself products you can use at home to help whiten your teeth and restore them to their former state. They range from gels to strips and they're all fairly expensive, although they're much cheaper than getting a dentist to do it. But is it as effective? Before you go out and spend a small fortune at the pharmacy, check out our tips on what you should know about home teeth whitening.

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