5 Ways to Care for Sensitive Teeth at Home


Use Fluoride Rinse or Varnish

Fluoride is an active ingredient in many toothpastes because it repairs light damage to your teeth by restoring tooth enamel. Rinsing with an over-the-counter fluoride mouthwash once daily can decrease sensitivity, stopping the pain you feel. If the fluoride rinse feels good but isn't enough, a stronger varnish is available from your dentist. Ask your dentist about coating your teeth in a fluoride varnish to treat sensitivity [source: Zamosky]. This takes only a few minutes to apply. Your dentist might want you to have periodic coatings and may also prescribe a high-fluoride mouthwash [source: Mayo Clinic].

But beware of non-prescription mouthwashes or those your dentist doesn't recommend. Some contain as much enamel-eroding acid as many acidic foods and drinks.