7 Key Things to Put in Your Emergency Kit


Emergency Contact Information Sheet

[Print or Download a Blank Form Here]

An Emergency Contact Information Sheet kept in your Family Medical Emergency Grab 'n Go Kit can come in handy when you or the attending medical staff need to reach all family members in the event of an emergency. Remember, you can assign a member of your family or create a family phone tree to make these calls.

List each person you want to contact, their relationship to you or the patient, and all phone numbers that might be available for that person. You don't want your entire address book here, but you never know when or where a medical emergency may take place. While you might know your neighbor’s phone number off the top of your head, in an emergency, can you find their cell phone?  Write it down. Many of us manage our lives with our cell phones, but most medical facilities prohibit the use of cell phones in their buildings. One piece of paper with a handful of numbers can be a lifesaver. Include contact information for the following individuals:

  • Any person (including employers) that will need to be notified of the emergency
  • Anyone who will need to take up a critical family responsibility -- like picking up child or sibling from school
  • Think of your own circumstances (better now than during an emergency!).  Who would you call?
  • Work, office
  • School
  • Baby-sitter
  • Pet sitter
  • Relatives
  • Neighbor or friend

Also include contact information for any regular appointments or responsibilities you have that might be interrupted by an emergency, such as gym or play dates, or special work shifts.