How to Avoid Blisters from High Heels

Shoe Shopping Tips for Preventing Blisters

Avoiding blisters starts before you even buy a pair of high heels. The key is finding the shoes least likely to rub and put pressure on your feet. Here are some guidelines for you as you scan the racks and displays of the shoe department:

Buy the right size. A size 7 1/2 at one store may not be the same at another. So don't use the number as a fail-safe guide. Instead, try on and walk around the store in any shoe you're considering buying. Does it fit like a size 7 1/2, or more like a size 7 or 8?

Shop in the afternoon. Your feet are going to swell throughout the day, so a shoe that feels just right in the morning, could be rubbing your toes by 2 p.m. To avoid this problem, buy shoes that fit your feet at their most swollen state.

Don't think you'll "break in" uncomfortable shoes. If the shoes are uncomfortable in the store, they'll be uncomfortable at work or a party. It's true that some shoes slightly stretch over time or through wearing them around the house in thick socks, but it's not something you can count on.

Stick to heel sizes under 3 inches, if possible. The higher a heel is, the more it pitches your body forward in a way that shoves your toes against the shoe. Smaller heels allow for better weight distribution on the feet and, thus, a more comfortable fit.

Don't forget to pick up some insoles or heel cushions. Depending on the narrowness or thickness of your foot versus average shoe widths, you may need to buy insoles or heel cushions. And even if the new shoes you're buying fit perfectly, you likely have some at home that could use some protective padding. Such products are also a great solution for people who have one foot that's a slightly smaller size than the other and need to make one of their shoes more comfortable.

Know when to trade your old shoes in for a new pair. Your feet can change size as you age. They also fluctuate at different stages in life, such as pregnancy, weight loss and weight gain. If the shoes that always fit you perfectly now blister your feet, it's time to get a new pair. Instead of feeling sad that you have to retire your old heels, look at it as a brand new opportunity to go shoe shopping!

If, despite your best efforts, you still get a blister from your high heels, there are effective ways to deal with it. Check out the next page for more advice.