9 Ways to Not Get Sick This Sick Season

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Unless you live in a bubble, never leave your home, or are simply not fessing up, you know at least one person suffering from a bad cold, flu, or even swine flu this season. To help thwart a similar fate, you could get a flu shot-- if, that is, you can find a pharmacy, doctor, or clinic still carrying them, but the likelihood of that is honestly low. No injections left? Stores are stocking their shelves with drinks, potions and pills of immune-boosting promises. But popping pills and sipping power drinks only goes so far when it comes to keeping your immune system pumping. An overall healthy lifestyle that includes a green, nutrient-rich diet and exercise helps to bolster your body's natural defenses so that when outside offenders (like cold germs) try to ambush, your inherent resistance is strong enough to strike back!

Here are 9 ways to up your body's natural defenses to bolster your immune system and ward off illness this sick season.

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