10 Common Smoking Triggers

It's important to be aware of the things that can entice you to smoke. See more drug pictures.
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Don Draper, the hero of AMC's "Mad Men," has a way of making people uncomfortable -- especially when he lights up a Lucky Strike. He just makes it look too good. Current and ex-smokers everywhere sigh with longing as they watch the generous plumes of tobacco smoke slowly drift upwards while he casually inhales at his desk, near his kids or even at the doctor's office. Forget Joe Camel -- it's movie stars and sex symbols who really create a need to fumble out the pack and frantically snap open a lighter.

Whether you've gone cold turkey or you're trying to severely limit your nicotine intake, there will be a myriad of other triggers just waiting for you. Like the seven deadly sins of the medieval morality plays, these triggers can tempt the most well-meaning quitter into lighting up and breathing out that smoky cloud of relief. Cigarettes are one of the remaining poisons that are still socially acceptable to enjoy in public. However, understand that the road is going to be littered with distractions and triggers. Knowing what they are for you is a great way to start the process of successfully managing your smoking habit or even quitting entirely. Remember that triggers are intensely personal and often tied to specific routines and habits, so everyone is different. Yet, there are some common triggers that seem to get to every former smoker, sooner or later.