10 Common Smoking Triggers


Waking Up

Is it tough to face the day without a smoke?
Is it tough to face the day without a smoke?

Springing out of bed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, is easier if you're a morning person. For smokers, it can also be easier to face the day after a nice long drag on a cigarette. Technically, this is one of the easier triggers to explain: You haven't had a cigarette in 8 hours, so your body is jonesing for one from the second you glare at the alarm clock.

It's also habitual, and this is a habit that can keep smokers smoking for years. Unfortunately, smoking first thing is now linked to higher risks of lung cancer and higher dependency, so it should be the first habit you change [source: BBC].

Create a new morning routine for yourself. Here are some things you should do before lighting up:

  • Brush your teeth: The minty toothpaste will act as a stimulant and make your mouth too fresh for a cigarette.
  • Shower: Even if you don't usually shower first thing, the shock of water and activity required will get you thinking about your day (and hopefully distracting you from thinking about a smoke).
  • Eat Breakfast: The chemical cotinine is reduced by the time you eat breakfast, and this chemical is linked to the higher risk of lung cancer.