10 Things You Should Know About Smoking Cessation Drugs

They can double your chances of quitting.

Getting over that sweet, sweet nicotine is as much a physiological process as it is a discipline. If you step away from the destructive effects of smoking, you can see nicotine as something of a wonder drug. It revs up your brain. It helps you concentrate. It makes you think faster and better. And -- ahhh -- it just makes you feel so calm and so happy.

And while it's doing all that, it cuts your appetite and speeds up your heart rate. Aside from all these great benefits, nicotine increases dopamine, which may qualify as our happiest brain chemical. Heroin, cocaine and alcohol all bring dopamine into play, and the stimulation of dopamine has long been regarded as a critical component in addiction.

So to get rid of the cigarettes, you'll need to manage that tough dip in dopamine. That's what the drugs are there to do, and as we'll see, different drugs tackle the job in different ways. If you use them correctly, they can double your chances of giving up smoking for good.

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