Conquering the Urge to Smoke

Conquering the Urge to Smoke (<i>cont'd</i>)

" mint mouthwash ... on dissolvable sheets."

"I use the Certs cool mint drops. They come in a box and they are very strong and it makes you only want that. Also I like the convenient pack of cool mint mouthwash that Listerene puts out. They come on dissolvable sheets, and those are very helpful too." — S.K.

"...drinking plenty of water and fruit juices."

My church denomination sponsors a five-day stop smoking plan that has helped many, many people to quit this terrible habit and remain smoke-free. They say that the physical addiction is gone within two weeks, and they recommend drinking plenty of water and fruit juices to help rid your body of nicotine. The emotional addiction, however, is harder to overcome. That is why I remained in a constant state of prayer. I know of some people who have crunched on crushed ice after meals instead of reaching for a cigarette." — Jeanette P.

"The one thing I was taught ... was to remember to breathe."

On thing that I was taught by a professional during my time of withdrawal was to remember to breathe. Once I stopped smoking cold turkey I started having anxiety and uneasiness. In order to take back control of my emotions I sought out any help I could find. I went to a counselor, who after a short evaluation said to me, 'You need to breathe!' She asked me to lie on the floor and take a big deep breath. I took the deepest breath I could, making sure my lungs filled up. Then she said, 'make a wave.' I certainly was confused. She went on to explain that so many of us forget to use our stomachs too. The idea is while lying on the floor to pull in a big breath to your stomach, then into your lungs. Then exhale. What a difference my life took, and it was simple too. I had not realized that because I wasn't inhaling I wasn't taking any deep breaths anymore, and I was tight and upset. Now, I have learned to take wonderful and relaxing cleansing breaths. So every time I went to pick up a cigarette, I remembered from then on, 'make a wave.'" — Laura P.

"I went to bed with a large container of cut, seedless watermelon on my bedside table."

I went to bed with a large container of cut, seedless watermelon on my bedside table. Every time I woke up coughing, I ate a piece or two of watermelon instead of lighting a cigarette as I would have formerly." — Barbara B.


"I smoked for 17 years and it was hard to quit. What helped me was 1. Prayer. 2. Nicoderm patches and 3.Twizzler's! (The candy is exactly the diameter of a cigarette and it helped to have something in my mouth.)" — R.N.