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Stage Five: Maintaining a Tobacco-Free Lifestyle

Stage Five: Maintaining a Tobacco-Free Lifestyle (<i>cont'd</i>)

To help determine if your life is in balance, complete the following exercises. Draw a circle to represent the "pie" of your life. Then draw slices for the portion of time you spend in the areas listed as well as any others you care to mention:

  • Work
  • Family
  • Recreation
  • Friends
  • Self.

Now draw the slices again, showing how you would like to spend your time.



Compare the slices. Are they the same? If not, which pieces would you like to change? Take a moment now to begin regaining the balance you desire by completing these statements.

One thing I can do today to regain balance in my life is...

Three things I can do this month to regain balance in my life are...

Now take a moment to record these actions in your day planner or other location you're sure to see in the days and weeks ahead.

Your New Way of Living

You're no longer trying to quit, you've done it! Now that tobacco is not part of your life, try to find other ways to continue reinforcing your healthy lifestyle. Complete the following statements as a way to begin.

I have not been successful maintaining this behavior change for long periods in the past because...

Steps I can take now to avoid slipping back into old habits in the months ahead include...

The people I expect will support me in remaining tobacco free include...

I will reward myself for maintaining my tobacco-free lifestyle by...

Others I may be able to help change their tobacco habits are...