Stage Three: Preparing to Be Tobacco-Free

Ways to Control Tobacco Craving

    25 Ways to Control Tobacco Craving

    1. Take a warm shower or bath
    2. Go for a walk
    3. Drink a glass of water or milk
    4. Call/visit a friend or family member
    5. Take a nap
    6. Exercise
    7. Chew sugarless gum
    8. Munch on a carrot or celery stick
    9. Puff on a straw or cinnamon stick
    10. Take a relaxation break
    11. Keep your hands busy (rubber bands, paper clips, a smooth stone)
    12. Brush your teeth
    13. Go shopping
    14. Write a letter
    15. Listen to music
    16. Schedule meetings or activities when you know your urge to smoke is greatest
    17. Find something to make you laugh (movie, comics, joke book, etc.)
    18. Prepare a low-fat meal
    19. Go to a concert or play
    20. Try a new hobby (painting, dancing, sports, etc.)
    21. Repeat positive affirmations
    22. Read a book or the newspaper
    23. Play with your children or grandchildren
    24. Mow the lawn or wash the car
    25. Go for a drive (unless you typically use tobacco while driving).

    Print out the Take-Action Forms Personal Action Plan to create your strategy for success and Controling Cravings to set goals and record strategies for controlling your cravings.

    When you complete the activities in this stage, continue on to Stage Four: Feeling Good About Not Using Tobacco.