Take the Steps to Stop Smoking: Getting Started

Congratulations on taking steps to being tobacco free. The goal is avoid using cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco or snuff.

To get started, click on the statement below that best describes your stage of readiness. As you begin this process, you may want to keep a journal in which to answer the questions you'll be asked and to record your thoughts about smoking, strategies for change, and your experiences.


Stage One: Thinking About Being Tobacco-Free

Even if you are not ready to quit using tobacco, take a few minutes to think about what being tobacco-free could mean for you and your family.

Stage Two: The Benefits of Being Tobacco-Free

If you've thought about giving up tobacco but just never seem to get there, maybe it would help to explore your reasons. Or you may want to take small steps toward your goal of becoming tobacco free.

Stage Three: Preparing to Be Tobacco-Free

Perhaps you've considered the benefits of not using tobacco, thought about how quitting can make a difference in the way you feel, and pictured yourself being successful. Now it's time to learn and practice the skills that make not using tobacco something you can stick with.

Stage Four: Feeling Good About Not Using Tobacco

You are making progress toward a lifetime of being free from tobacco. The longer you don't use tobacco, the more your confidence will grow and the less likely you are to slip back to your old habits.

Stage Five: Maintaining a Tobacco-Free Lifestyle

You've done it! You are free of tobacco. Quitting is challenging, and you've come though with flying colors. Now your goal is to make this change permanent.

Although it seems like you will move from one stage to the next in a straight line, that's not necessarily so. Expect to go up and down between stages while working towards permanent change.