5 Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatments


Getting Better

Along with tonics for improving immunity, practitioners also mix or give straight herb preparations to reduce symptoms of illness or disease. Most recommendations for symptom relief also come with lifestyle changes or activity, too. Exercising, taking breaks to breathe in and out, getting sun exposure, and eating a healthier or illness-specific diet all work together to help the whole person feel better and not just to treat the symptoms.

Sometimes foods believed to aggravate symptoms are eliminated from the diet and minerals might be increased. Even metals such as iron and gold are thought to have healing properties and to keep viruses and disease at bay before they have a chance to produce symptoms of ill health.

Yoga is a complement to this component of Ayurveda because it accomplishes so many of the mental, physical and spiritual parts of feeling good or getting better. Even without incorporating its historic Eastern, religious aspects, yoga is beneficial for breathing, stretching and improving circulation.