Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Waxing, But Were Afraid to Ask

The Truth about Brazilian Waxing

As opposed to a bikini wax, which just removes hair around your bikini line, a Brazilian wax will remove almost all, if not all, of the hair on your pubic region. While some salons make you bear all to the aesthetician, others will provide you with a small (and we mean small) paper thong to cover up your stuff. If you endure a Brazilian wax, you'll either be left with a small strip of hair down there or nothing at all.

Don't worry about grossing out the technician who's doing the waxing: They're trained professionals who do this kind of thing every day. Most technicians recognize that you might feel awkward about the whole situation and will talk you through it to put you at ease, particularly if it's your first bikini or Brazilian wax experience. And don't worry. The pain and the awkwardness won't last long. In most salons, you'll be out in less than 30 minutes.

When scheduling your bikini or Brazilian wax, take into account your monthly cycle. Avoid waxing the week before and during your period: You're most sensitive to pain then. Studies have shown that waxing is the least painful two weeks after your period.

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