Benefits of Maternity Massages for Mother and Unborn Baby

What is pregnancy massage?

We know what you're thinking: You don't even want to be touched, having already had your belly groped by five admiring strangers today, and you can't possibly be expected to lie on your stomach -- two facts that might lead you to believe that a massage is out of the question. But an experienced practitioner will quickly put your mind and body at ease, and by the end of your first session, you'll wonder how you made it this far without your own personal masseuse.

Just like regular massage, the goal of pregnancy massage is to ease your aches and pains, calm your racing mind and give you a deep sense of relaxation. But while any massage performed during your pregnancy might technically be called a maternity massage, a therapist trained in prenatal massage will use techniques specifically designed to target your trouble spots while accommodating your pregnant form.

For starters, your massage therapist may use a table with cut-outs designed to make room for your expanding belly and breasts, or she may have you lie on your side with the help of pillows, bolsters or wedges to support you in a comfortable position. Of course, for some pregnant women, the very idea of lying down in a comfortable position already sounds like a treat, but don't stop there or you'll be missing out on the benefits of pregnancy massage. Read on!