How to Find a Great Eye Cream

Eye cream can work wonders on your peepers -- if you choose the right one.
Eye cream can work wonders on your peepers -- if you choose the right one.

Skin care has gotten complicated. Remember when a little olive oil slathered on your hands would keep them looking young for hours? Well, maybe you don't, but your mom sure does. Today you need a degree in chemistry to shop for hand lotion -- forget about anything as complicated as sunscreen or night cream. There are so many details involved that it's easy to get overwhelmed.

First, you're confronted with a list of ingredients you've never heard of; then comes the task of sorting through the hype to get at the facts. Do those impossible-to-pronounce ingredients actually do anything more than ratchet up the price? If they're effective, what core products offer the biggest bang for your hard-earned dollar? With all the creams, potions, enhancers, concealers and primers on the market, the prospect of investing in one or two can be bewildering -- and kind of annoying. Eye cream is a good example: If you already wear night cream and moisturizer, why do you need a special product for the area around your eyes? And why is that stuff, in its pitifully miniscule bottles, so darned expensive?

It turns out that your face is, well, complicated, too. It contains oily zones and hair follicles and sweat glands under the skin. It has a plump pillow of collagen for structural support. It also has an oily layer on the surface to help retain moisture. The list goes on and on and on. The more science learns about aging, the more cosmetic scientists use that knowledge to stop, and in some cases reverse, the signs of aging on the most visible part of the human body, the face.

When it comes to taking good care of your aging skin (and it is aging every day), the eye area is at the forefront of the battle. Why? The answer is simple: The skin around your eyes is arguably the most delicate and vulnerable skin on your entire body. Eye cream is so specialized and expensive because it's about as complex as skin care can get.