Manscaping 101

Getting the Hair Off

When it comes to the practical aspects of manscaping, there are a number of hair removal tools available for budding body barbers who want to take care of business themselves.

  • Hair removal creams - For fast hair removal, creams are an easy solution. A single application can remove existing hair and inhibit regrowth for up to six weeks in some cases. Creams can cause skin irritation in some users, so test a small area before you lather up -- and follow the directions carefully. Creams can also smell less than appealing -- they actually can smell pretty nasty -- and they cost more than your average replacement razor blade.
  • Shaving - The first choice of the manly man, shaving successfully gets rid of body hair, and it's the least expensive option. It's a challenging do-it-yourself proposition for some body parts, like the back and shoulders, though. A personal hygiene trimmer or personal groomer will help with those delicate areas, and asking a friend to lend a hand with the hard to reach spots is a good idea, too. For your first effort, try a two pass approach by removing longer hair with a beard trimmer and then using a groomer for closer work.
  • Waxing - Yikes! Just the thought of this one hurts, but it's an option that will remove hair for weeks at a time. No one ever said sex appeal was easy, and women have been waxing for years.

Other manscaping tools, like ear and nose trimmers, tweezers, clippers and a good pair of scissors can help make the job of hair sculpting and removal touch-ups much easier.

If none of these options have you stoked about taking care of the hair situation, consider visiting a salon that offers manscaping. You can sit back and enjoy the luxury of letting someone else do all the work. Chances are, they'll do a better job than you could manage on your own anyway.

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