Create the Spa Experience at Home!

In today's stress-filled world, a visit to a spa can provide much-needed rejuvenation for body and soul. While there is no substitute for being pampered by someone else's hands, you need not spend a small fortune to experience the benefits of a day or two at the spa. In fact, you can create a near-professional spa experience in your own home. All you need is the desire and bit of equipment.

Your Equipment Checklist

Your first step is to assemble a list of locally available products that will replicate those used in the finest spas. And don't forget to pamper yourself with classic, elegant spa garb — a luxuriously thick white terrycloth robe.

A home spa experience should include products and tools to revitalize the body, face and hair. Here is a short checklist:

  1. Long handled natural bristle bath brush
  2. Loofah or Terry cloth washcloth (Avoid synthetic scrubbers as they are overly harsh)
  3. Bath salts
  4. A selection of essential aromatic oils
  5. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory cleansers, toners and moisturizers (more on this later)
  6. Coarse sea salt
  7. Plenty of chilled spring water (with a splash of lime or lemon) to keep your body hydrated and to eliminate toxins from the inside out.

The Role of Essential Oils

Essential oils, made from the petals of flowers, are extremely beneficial for the skin. In addition to being pleasantly scented, these oils regulate the activity of the capillaries and restore vitality to the tissues. In addition, floral oils rejuvenate the skin, eliminate waste matter and facilitate the regeneration of new, healthy cells.

Never apply essential oils directly to the face or skin. Add about six drops to a bowl of warm water. Soak a cotton cloth in the water and then apply to face and neck as a compress for five minutes. Repeat three times. Gently towel dry the face and neck and apply an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory facial splash and activator.

Select essential oils to suit your mood and purpose. If, for example, you want to unwind after a busy day, select soothing oils. If you want to revitalize and energize, choose stimulating oils.

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