Don't Sweat the Future

1. Be Part of the Solution

It's been said that at any given moment, we're either "part of the problem" or "part of the solution." Seems right to me. We're usually either making some sort of a contribution to humanity—we are involved in living an ethical, spiritual life, doing the best we can to raise loving kids, engaged in worthwhile projects—or contributing in some way to the betterment of the world. Or, perhaps without even knowing it, we're contributing to the aggression, greed and other problems of the world with our actions, lack of action or the way we are living our lives.

By making the conscious decision to be part of the solution, whatever that may mean, we are making a statement to ourselves that, when we leave this world, the world will be a slightly better place because of us. This is a comforting decision. When we know we are doing our best to do our part, we free our minds from worry and fear. It gives us confidence and strength and, without a doubt, it keeps us from sweating the future.