Don't Sweat the Future

4. Do Good While Doing Well

There is something so beautiful and magical about individuals and organizations who do well financially but, at the same time, do good for others. More than simply sharing in their success, giving back becomes an integral part of their daily lives. Giving becomes its own reward.

The tides are shifting. More and more people are realizing that life is much more than profit alone. Indeed, success means so much more when it is defined not only in terms of the "bottom line," but also in terms of open arms and giving back.

So go ahead and be successful. Make money, be profitable, achieve your goals, and pursue your dreams. Yet, keep in mind that we are part of a world community, we're all in this together. When you hurt someone else, it's like hurting yourself. Likewise, when you're kind, ethical and generous, it's as if you're being kind to yourself as well.

I guess the real "bottom line" is this: If we can do well-and also do good-there will be less for all of us to worry about. Our collective future will be bright.