Don't Sweat the Future

5. Become More Present-Moment-Oriented

So often our minds are racing forward to "what's next." We get caught in our worries and our plans. We spend less time "living" than we do anticipating. Or, on the flip side, we spend a great deal of energy regretting the past. We review mistakes, feel badly, hold on to grudges and mentally review days gone by.

Being more present-moment-oriented means making today the most important day of your life. It's the recognition that yesterday is over, tomorrow is a dream but today is a "present." This doesn't suggest that yesterday wasn't important or that tomorrow isn't critical, only that today is the day we have some control over. It means that we have the capacity to make today the best day it can be. We can make loving, successful, wise choices today that will become our future tomorrow.

When we become more present-moment-oriented we pave the way to a bright future. It makes sense that if you can make today the best it can be, if you can be attentive and sensitive to what's happening now, make wise and appropriate decisions today, then tomorrow will be fine. So if you don't want to sweat the future, one of the keys is to create a wonderful today, starting with this very moment.