Don't Sweat the Future

8. Slow Down

We live in a time of hyper-speed. Despite a multitude of time-saving devices and incredible technology at our disposal, it seems that everyone is in an enormous rush most of the time. We keep finding clever ways to "save time," but never actually feel as though we have enough time. (And once you've "saved" all that time, what do you do with it? You can't collect it in a basket somewhere for later.)

Being in a hurry and worrying go hand-in-hand. When you're rushed, frantic, over-committed and constantly behind schedule, your state of mind produces anxiety and fear. Without a doubt, you'll be sweating the small stuff in your day-to-day life, and you'll be sweating your future!

An amazing shift takes place, however, when you make the decision to slow down. You'll feel a sense of relief and peace. You will feel less of a sense of urgency and panic. Worry and insecurity will be replaced by wisdom and perspective.

To slow down effectively, the changes in you must first come from within- acknowledging you are too speeded up and moving too fast, slowing down your thinking, learning to breathe, making a few inner adjustments and so forth..

Those changes, in turn, will likely result in some external changes as well-things like learning to say 'no' more often and without feeling guilty, scaling back your schedule, allowing more time in-between activities, and so forth.

Learning to slow down, even a little bit, pays enormous dividends in the quality of your life. As your confidence and perspective are enhanced, you'll find yourself looking forward to, rather than sweating-your life and your future.