Endometriosis Questions to Ask Your Doctor

Review the following 'Questions To Ask' about endometriosis so you're prepared to discuss this important health issue with your health care professional.

1. How many cases of endometriosis do you actually treat per month?

2. How do you make the diagnosis?

3. How do you treat it during laparoscopy?

4. How many laparoscopic procedures do you perform each month?

5. Do you always use medical therapy before surgical therapy? If so, what therapies do you use?

6. Do you use GnRH agonists? If so, when? Before or after surgery?

7. What kinds of hormonal drug therapies have you used for patients with endometriosis?

8. Do you prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) with GnRH agonists therapy? What are the risks and benefits of using HRT for my personal health needs? Are there other options I can consider?

9. What kinds of side effects can I expect to experience with the different hormonal therapies? How long do I have to be on these drugs for them to work effectively? Will my endometriosis come back when my course of drug treatment is over?

10. Does endometriosis affect my ability to have children?

11. Can you recommend any alternative treatments — such as traditional Chinese medicines, changes in diet, homeopathy or allergy management — which might help reduce the pain associated with endometriosis? Can you refer me to any practitioners who specialize in these areas and might be helpful to me?