The Human Brain
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Assignment Discovery: Functioning With Half a Brain
The human brain is more flexible than once thought. On Discovery Channel's "Assignment Discovery," learn how studies have shown that it is possible to function with only half a brain.
Exploring Time: The Brain's Basal Ganglia
On The Science Channel's "Exploring Time," learn about the basal ganglia, a group of nuclei in the brain that controls all the other parts of the brain and regulates motor control, cognition, emotions and learning.
Human Body: Built for Survival
How does one of the most ancient parts of the human mind keep us alive in the most desperate situations? Learn how the human body alters itself to increase the probability of survival in this Discovery Channel video.
PopSci's Future Of: The Zeo
Having trouble sleeping? This high-tech headband could be your ticket to a better night's sleep!
TLC: A Study of the Teenage Brain
Learn how teens use their brains differently than adults on TLC's "Understanding."
Understanding: Brain Clots
On the Learning Channel's "Understanding," learn how a brain clot can change your life.
Understanding: Brain Schizophrenia
Learn how schizophrenia effects the brain on the Learning Channel's "Understanding."
Understanding: The Brain at Old Age
Learn how the brain works when you reach 100 years old on the Learning Channel's "Understanding."
Why Tell Me Why: Why Do We Forget Things?
Have you ever noticed how you can forget where you put your car keys, yet remember how to ride a bike? Kasey-Dee Gardner gets to the root of why we forget certain things and remember others.