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7 Bizarre-est Baby Facts
Since December is the most common month to get pregnant, Cristen looks at seven not-so-adorable facts about babies.
Toddler Science: Babbling Away - Epic Science
Our human larva love to babble on about nothing, but what's actually going on inside their un-languaged minds?
Why Shouldn't You Give Honey To Babies?
Botulism bacteria creates a type of poisoning and paralysis -- but how does it actually work? **We goofed! A nanogram is a billionth of a gram. That's 0.000000001 grams.
Royal Baby Boom
The new royal baby Prince George is quite a cash cow and Twitter sensation. Cristen talks baby gambling, her past Prince William obsession and suggests some names for the new royal.
Epic Science: Amazing Babies
Think babies are just a sponge soaking up what ever is put in front of them? Think again. Babies come with some preprogramed natural firmware that allows some incredible feats that even adults can't do.
What Does Your Name Say About You?
As we learn more about the scientific effects of names, maybe we need a better science of naming. Learn more about what your name says about you in this episode of Fw:Thinking.
Baby Madness: Baby Talk
These babies have something to say. Find out what's on their minds in this video from the Discovery Health show "Baby Madness."
Moms Guide to Baby Gear: Baby Proofing
Make your home child-friendly, and keep your infant safe by baby-proofing all the dangerous items in your house.
Baby Health: 10 Baby Health Questions Answered
A Cleveland Clinic pediatrician answers common infant health questions in this educational video from Discovery Health.
Too Many Babies: Babies Eat Solid Food
The quintuplets get their first solid meal, and Ethan and Casey find out what it's like to try to feed them all at once.
Baby Coral
Endangered coral is helped by scientists who harvest new, live baby coral.
Deliver Me: Baby Massage
Massages are good for relaxation, and they help moms bond with their baby.
Baby Week Shorts: ADHD
Learn about identifying ADHD in this video from Discovery Health.
Baby Week: Pregnancy Straight Talk
Michelle Duggar is pregnant with her 18th child. In this "Baby Week" clip from Discovery Channel, she opens up about her experience.
Pregnancy: Duggar Baby 18th Birth
Michelle Duggar delivers her 18th baby.
Deliver Me: Eating for Baby
In this video from "Deliver Me" on Discovery Health, Dr. Allison Hill explains how to eat healthy during pregnancy and how much food is appropriate when eating for baby.
Baby Madness: Diaper Rash
The proper procedure for treating diaper rash is discussed in this video from Discovery Health.
Deliver Me: Baby Development Milestones
In this video from "Deliver Me" on Discovery Health, discover the development milestones you should be tuned into during your child's first years.
Too Many Babies: Eliot's First Day
Casey and Ethan Jones get their daughter Eliot ready for her first day of kindergarten.
Too Many Babies: NICU Overnight Stay
Casey and Ethan stay overnight in the NICU with their newly born quintuplets as a trial run before bringing them home.
Baby Week Shorts: Special Needs in School
Schools now offer several options for children with special needs. Dr. Sharon Ramey gives advice on making the right choice for your child in this video from Discovery Health.
Baby Week Shorts: Special Needs Siblings
Siblings of a special-needs child often feel neglected and even envious of their disadvantaged brother of sister. Learn techniques to get them involved in the care of their sibling in this video from Discovery Health.
Animals: Dog Howls Baby To Sleep Explained
A YouTube video shows a dog seemingly howling a baby to sleep. Is that what's really going on? James Williams gets the real story.
Baby Madness: Hardest Part of Being a Parent
It's not always easy being a parent! See why in this video from Discovery Health.
Baby Madness: Dr. Sharon Ramey on Raising Kids
Hear Dr. Sharon Ramey's advice on raising happy children in this video from Discovery Health.
18 Kids and Counting: Losing Baby Weight
Michelle Duggar from TLC's "18 Kids and Counting" shares her weight loss secrets and one of her favorite recipes.
Say Yes to the Dress: Unexpected Baby Bump
Samira is at Kleinfeld's for her first fitting, but unexpectedly being 5 months pregnant, some creative alterations are needed to fix the dress.
Why do women love cute baby animals?
Rev3 Games Destructoid host and baby animal lover Tara Long comes on the show to talk about why women LOVE looking at photos puppies, kittens and tiny hedgehogs and how it's actually good for our brains.
My First Home Clips: Tri Cities: Bad for Baby
Dan and Jill are expecting a baby and need to find a new home for their family and their five dogs. Will they find the right one? Watch this video from TLC's "My First Home."
Quints by Surprise: Cleaning House
To prepare their house for sale, the Joneses have to clean and organize the quintuplet baby clutter.
Birth Day Live: Coleen
Coleen gives birth to a baby boy on Birth Day Live.
Birth Day Live: Krista
The cameras roll as Krista, 21, gives birth to a baby girl on Birth Day Live.
Pediatric Tips: Common Cold
Learn what to do when your baby has a common cold in this "Pediatric Tips" series from Discovery Health.
What are the odd you will have twin babies?
Deliver Me: Healthy Weight Gain
What's considered healthy weight gain during pregnancy?
Deliver Me: Infant Bonding Tips
In this video from "Deliver Me" on Discovery Health, Dr. Allison Hill gives tips for bonding with your baby.
Pediatric Tips: Teething and Dental Care
Learn what to do when your baby starts teething and how to care for young children's teeth in this "Pediatric Tips" series from Discovery Health.