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Baby Week: Go to Sleep!
The Quints are ready to move into their new beds, and putting them to sleep is going to harder than their parents imagined.
Baby Week: Go to Sleep!
The Quints are ready to move into their new beds, and putting them to sleep is going to harder than their parents imagined.
Baby Week: Raising Triplets
The triplets are growing up and their parents are learning that the work never ends.
Baby Week: Thrifty Spender
If you think that your grocery bill is high, try shopping for a family of 10. The McCoy's share how they manage to feed a family of 10 on just $300 a month.
Baby Week: Twin's Birthday Surprise!
The twins are turning six, so Jon & Kate take them to New York City for a surprise that they may never forget - well, almost.
Baby Week: We're Having Septuplets?!
The world's first living set of septuplets are turning 13, and their parents recall the moment they realize they weren't having one baby, but seven.
Birth Day Live: Coleen
Coleen gives birth to a baby boy on Birth Day Live.
Birth Day Live: Jennifer
Jennifer has diabetes and high-blood pressure, making for a difficult pregnancy. Witness Jennifer's delivery on Birth Day Live.
Birth Day Live: Krista
The cameras roll as Krista, 21, gives birth to a baby girl on Birth Day Live.
Birth Day Live: Laurie
Laurie, 41, had a heart attack. Her age and medical history make her a high risk in the delivery room. See her give birth on Birth Day Live.
Cleveland Clinic 2008: MS Study
A new study by the Cleveland Clinic shows that certain factors such as taking oral contraceptives or giving birth later in life can make women almost four times as likely to develop MS as men. Take a look at this video to learn more.
Deliver Me: Home Edition: Aleli's Story
The first time mom, Aleli, held baby Alyssa, she thanked God her daughter was healthy. Watch this video from Discovery Health's "Deliver Me."
Deliver Me: Home Edition: Ali's Story
Baby Duke was born less than 20 minutes after mom Ali walked into the hospital. 10 months later, Duke is chubby, happy, and healthy. Watch this video from Discovery Health's "Deliver Me."
Deliver Me: Home Edition: Kristianne's Story
22-year old, third-time-mom, Kristianne has a history of quick labors and is worried that she won't make it to the hospital in time for her delivery. Watch this video from "Deliver Me Home Edition."
Deliver Me: Home Edition: Noi's Story
Mom Noi says dad Darren is so nurturing and great with baby Jordan...the little guy couldn't have asked for a better dad. Watch this video from Discovery Health's "Deliver Me."
Deliver Me: Home Edition: Stacie's Story
After all the years of disappointment, for Stacie and Roy, every day at home with 10 month old son Preston is like a dream come true. Watch this video from Discovery Health's "Deliver Me."
Deliver Me: Home Edition: Tania's Story
When Tania and Rudy saw their daughter Natasha's face for the first time, it was amazing. Everything had been going wrong, and this was the first thing that was right. Watch this video from Discovery Health's "Deliver Me."
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: Baby in the Pants
When Amy is rushed to a local clinic due to excruciating stomach cramps, she gives herself and nurses the surprise of their lives when a big push leads to a delivery - in her pants.
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: Basketball Baby
College basketball player Lauren is rushed to the hospital after she experiences intolerable stomach cramps. Lauren and her mom receive a shocking diagnosis that despite being on the birth control pill, Lauren is 34 weeks pregnant and in labor.
I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: Bathroom Delivery
After experiencing a night filled with severe abdominal cramps, Katlyn is surprised to discover that she is having a baby - on the bathroom floor.
Planet 100: Alaska backs Shell Oil
Alaska's congressional delegation is backing Shell Oil's bid to drill. If you're looking for heart attack you can find it in KFC's new Double Down sandwich, and research shows that one in ten fathers experience postpartum depression.
Pregnancy: Camp Ground Delivery
While on a camping trip, a young woman who is in extreme pain is shocked when she delivers a baby on the bathroom floor.
Pregnancy: Dads & Childbirth
Dr. Oz explains ways dads can participate in the both the pregnancy and birthing experiences.
Pregnancy: Dr. Bohn's Birth
After nine hard months, it's finally time for the birth of Dr. Yvonne Bohn's child. But when complications arise, a day of majesty can swiftly turn to tragedy.
Pregnancy: Duggar Baby 18th Birth
Michelle Duggar delivers her 18th baby.
Pregnancy: Expecting 6 Babies
The Carpio sextuplets are the first Hispanic sextuplets born in the U.S. All of the babies weigh between 1 and 2 pounds at birth, and their chance of survival is 50/50 at best. Can all six babies survive?
Pregnancy: Infertile Pregnancy
After multiple visits to specialists for her severe abdominal pain, a supposedly infertile woman gives birth at 32 weeks of pregnancy and no one had a clue.
Secretly Pregnant: Breaking the News
Carmen and her son fly to Miami to break the news of her pregnancy to her family.
Secretly Pregnant: Daddy's Little Girl
Danie fears that if she tells her dad she's pregnant, he will reject her child the way he rejected Danie as a kid. As preparation for the moment she tells him the truth, Danie hopes that an ultrasound visit will help to soften the blow.
Secretly Pregnant: Dying Young
After experiencing bad headaches and going to the doctor, Richanne learns that she is suffering from a brain tumor. She is even more shocked when she learns that she is pregnant, three days after receiving her diagnosis.
Secretly Pregnant: Experiencing Loss
After delivering a stillborn baby nine months ago, Jen now finds herself pregnant again and scheduled to deliver on the anniversary of her baby's death. Feeling alone with no friends to support her during her loss, she fears going through loss again.
Secretly Pregnant: Facing Insecurities
For the past three months, Paola has been hiding her pregnancy from her modeling colleagues, now she must reveal the truth. Will her modeling agent understand?
Secretly Pregnant: Goodbye Bikinis
Paola, a wife, mother, and bikini model used to weigh 100 pounds. Now three months pregnant, she is faced with the difficulty of having a baby or having a modeling career.
Secretly Pregnant: I Can't Tell My Parents
Tessa, a college student and babysitter, is scared to tell her conservative parents she is four months pregnant. Hiding under large clothes, Tessa is starting to show. Can anyone else tell that Tessa is pregnant?
Secretly Pregnant: Marital Problems
Jerline and her husband Jamiel visit the therapist in order to help fix their marital problems. Will the stress of hiding her pregnancy and their financial struggles be too much for the couple?
Secretly Pregnant: No Longer a Child
When she was 18, Chanda was pregnant out of wedlock and kept the details secret from her conservative parents. Eight years later, Chanda is pregnant out of wedlock again and dating an ex-con. Can she prove to her parents that she's grown up?
Secretly Pregnant: Not Alone
Six months pregnant, time is running out for Jen to reveal her pregnancy to her close friends. The time has come for her to finally face them and announce her news. Will they be there for her when she needs them most?
Secretly Pregnant: Out of Time
Chanda and her fianc_ Tim, an ex-con, are hiding her pregnancy from her parents who have threatened to throw her out of their house.
Secretly Pregnant: Sick of Hiding
After meeting with a therapist, 6-month-pregnant Krystal feels that it is now time to share the details of her pregnancy with her best friend before speaking with her mother-in-law.
Secretly Pregnant: Smart Move
After months of hiding her pregnancy from family and friends, Richanne and her girlfriend reveal the pregnancy for the first time to their closest friend. Will the big announcement go over well?
Secretly Pregnant: Testing the Waters
Chanda is now more than five months pregnant and keeping the news of her pregnancy and relationship secret from her parents. In order to prepare for the days ahead, she decides to test the waters by telling her cousins first. Will they receive it well?
Secretly Pregnant: The Naked Truth
Carmen finally divulges her secret pregnancy to an old friend.
Women's Health Tips: Epidurals for Child Birth
Epidurals are the most common form of birth anesthesia. Have you ever wondered what happens when you receive one? Watch this clip from Discovery Health's "Women's Health Tips" to find out.